Is Your LinkedIn Profile Optimized? 

November 4, 2021

Many of the benefits advisers I speak with ask me this question… “What do your best clients do to become effective on LinkedIn? How are they getting the most out of LinkedIn to bring in new business?”

Is it posting every day?

Is it videos content?

Is it running paid ads?

While there are a lot you can do on LinkedIn to reach new customers, there’s one thing that can really make a lasting difference when it comes to using LinkedIn to build your personal brand.

What I observed from my best clients is this…

They have an optimized LinkedIn profile.

You see, many people think that as long as you’re being active — posting content every day, engaging with others, messaging, etc. — you’d be effective already.

But I think it all boils down to your profile.

You can post all you want but if they look you up and check your profile and don’t see anything relevant to them, then all goes to waste.

Here are a few tips how you can quickly optimize your LinkedIn profile:

1) Mention your Target audience

2) Talk about your Offer

3) Share your brand Promise

4) Build up your Authority in your area of expertise

5) Sprinkle it with Keywords that your market relate with

When people Google your name, there is a very very high chance that your LinkedIn profile will rank at the top compared to your own website. That’s one huge reason why you should optimize your profile.

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