Benefits of Regularly Scrubbing Your Email List 

December 16, 2020

When was the last time you scrubbed or cleaned your email list? Probably just once or never at all because you are scared of removing email addresses that you might still need in the future.

But email list cleaning, when done right, will only remove inactive and inaccurate data from your database. This way, you can market to people who are certainly interested. Let's go into details.


If you have tapped an email service provider, it is just important to look at email list cleaning from a cost perspective. Sending emails to people who are not actively engaging anymore is a potential loss of resources. By eradicating them, you may also get an ROI boost because you are only reaching out to those interested.


Some subscribers mark your emails as "spam" not that they intend to associate your business with the word, but sometimes they just do not remember signing up. If you clean your email list regularly, your messages will find their way to where they really belong. Thus, you increase the chance of having relevant conversations.


Open and click rates are calculated as a percentage of the total number of emails sent. For example, prior to scrubbing, your database with a total of 5,000 email addresses has a 20-percent open rate. When you clean your list, the percentage will increase because you are reducing the addresses in your database. 

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The question now is: How? According to online site Hello Bar, you can clean your email database either manually, which is the old-school way, or automatically by using an email list cleaning service. 

Most businesses prefer the latter because according to them, it is faster, more accurate and efficient. With that, more of your attention will be spared for other important components of your business.

Data show that email lists decline by 20 to 30 percent annually. But experts say you have to do some cleaning at least a couple of times a year to get your emails into the hands of your target audience.

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