3 Reasons why you should Automate your Lead Nurturing Email Campaign 

April 16, 2020

​3 Reasons why you should Automate your Lead Nurturing Email Campaign

Updated April 15, 2020

Planning and research for your lead nurturing email campaign is far from a walk in the park. When done manually, it could take days or even weeks to get in-depth data and analytics. Tiring, I know. But what if I tell you that you can get the same thorough preparation with just a few minutes of typing and clicking? I’ve got one god-sent solution for you - automation.

  1. Impeccable timing

If you erroneously deliver an email that’s meant for leads farther down the purchase journey, you’ll look so aggressive and sales hungry. When you’re a tad late, you risk losing to your competitors. Automation tools allow you to schedule your messages according to analyzed consumer behavior. You get the peace of mind that you can send out the best content at the best timing.

Check out the different types of email you can manage with Active Campaign, an automated email marketing tool:

  • Broadcast emails - One-time email campaigns you can send to anyone on your lead bank 

  • Triggered emails - Trigger emails based on conditions of your choice (e.g. site visits, engagement in comments, etc.)

  • Targeted emails - Send messages based on defined audience segments 

  • Email autoresponders - Boost your interaction speed with automatic messages (e.g. welcome emails, lead magnets, etc.)

  • Email funnels - Customize messages based on where a customer is in his purchase journey

  • Scheduled emails - Schedule emails for a specific date and time (e.g. birthdays, holidays, etc.)

  1. Highly customizable emails

Advanced automation tools in the market have built-in audience segmentation features alongside email design wizards. Take Active Campaign for instance which enables you to associate tags with each lead, personalize messages, and set conditional contents. This tool also makes sure that your emails are optimized for display in any laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen. It even has a drag-and-drop email designer where even newbies can craft beautiful campaigns in minutes! No need to force yourself to learn Photoshop and other complex editing software. 

  1. Enhanced coordination

Even the most skillful marketing team has its limits. You might be more eager and ready to broaden your brand’s reach, but the need to hire more marketers and the lengthy process of onboarding can hold your ambitions back. Thankfully, automation can boost your lead interactions in no time. Even better, you eliminate room for human errors, making sure that all aspects of your campaign are well aligned. Tracking your progress will get more convenient than ever, and hours spent on trend analysis can turn into just a click of a button.

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